Summer Swimming Prep Classes: March – May 2017

Elli is dipping her toe back in the pool this spring with specific small group and clinic offerings to help kick start the swim season!

With classes for kids just getting ready to be on a swim team this summer, and for kids returning to summer league, or who swim year-round, check out the technique focused classes that will help your swimmers get ready for a great summer of swimming!

All classes will take place at the Circle C Swim Center, 5919 La Crosse Ave, Austin TX.

Spring Break Classes: March 13-17
* Swim Technique Bootcamps – Ages 6-13
* Beginner Lessons in Free and Back – Ages 5-7

Pre-Season Saturdays: March 25- April 29
* Technique and Fitness – Ages 6-10
* Beginner Lessons in Free and Back – Ages 5-7

Dive & Turn Clinics: May 13 & May 29
* Working on the Details – For Anyone on a Swim Team!


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Swimming to Raise Awareness for Colin’s Hope

This morning I had a great training swim with my boss, Mason Hale, and co-worker, Tracy
Nelson. We’re preparing for our 10km Got2Swim Colin’s Hope relay down Lake Austin on September 1. This year, as we raise funds and awareness for droElli, Tracy and Mason raising money for Colin's Hopewning prevention, we are swimming in memory of Drennen O’Melia.

Drennen, an excellent swimmer, drowned in 2010 at age 12, the day after his first swim meet of the season. He drowned in a pool with 2 lifeguards on duty. Drennen was found in 3.5 feet of water by a 12 year old peer, and was underwater for between 5 and 10 minutes. He had no medical conditions and why he went under is unknown… SwimTopia works with hundreds of swim teams around the country. We hope that raising awareness for Drennen’s story brings awareness for the need for a culture of preparedness and readiness at every pool. Are the life guards at your pool on duty during swim practice? At meets? Are they ready, trained and vigilant? Do they get adequate breaks and rotations to make sure they can stay vigilant through the heat of a summer day? Something to think about next time you’re poolside because these are measures that can save lives… Drennen will be on our minds and in our hearts as we swim down Lake Austin this year.

If you’d like to support our fundraising efforts you can donate to our TeamTopia 2016 pledge raising page hereColin’s Hope envisions a world where no child drowns. So far this year 90 children (under 15) have drowned in Texas alone. Drowning is preventable.

Thanks for your support!

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Taking a new direction

I am excited to announce that I have taken a new position as Director of Sales and Marketing for SwimTopia, the world’s friendliest swim team management solution. However I am sad that I will no longer get to work with swimmers on a one-on-one basis. While I will continue to coach the Circle C Seals Summer League Swim Team, I no longer provide private and small group lessons. I hope to host the occasional swim clinic, like the Preseason Plunge at the new Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy.

If you’re looking for preparation for summer league, I suggest contacting the Circle C Swim Center. Nitro Swimming Bee Cave runs a summer league preparation clinic every Saturday starting in February.

All the best with your swimming!


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Summer Drop In Swim Sessions and Clinic Information

New online, information on summer Drop In practices for swimmers who have been on a summer or year round team in the past! Simply buy your workouts here online and show up when it suits you! And sign up for the new Summer Elite Swim Camp, Aug 12-15 at Circle C Swim Center, or get information on summer stroke clinics with Elli here. The Elite Swim Camp is a unique opportunity for dedicated year round or high school swimmers to gain valuable insight on goal setting, visualization, nutrition and more!

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Summer dive, turn and stroke clinic information now online!

Perfect to finish off the summer league season strong, sign up for Elli’s clinics to hone your swimming skills! See information and register here.

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Spring Kids Classes Full

All my small group classes are now FULL. You can still sign up for my summer league dive and turn clinics in early June and check back for more information on Small Group Lessons on Saturday afternoons coming in late April through the summer.


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Ready for Spring and Summer Bookings!

Please see the Spring/Summer 2014 page for information on my small group and clinic offerings this swim season! You can now submit your class and time preferences online! I’ll use this information to help me place swimmers in the best possible group and/or time. Once you submit the online form I’ll be in touch personally to schedule your swim sessions.

Please note that all kids lessons take place at the Circle C Swim Center. Expected re-opening date is March 8.

Adult lessons are available NOW at Nitro Swimming Bee Cave.

Email ellioverton (at) gmail (dot) com or call 512 660 1070 with questions.

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Interval Training and Examples of Main Sets That Work your Pace!

An interval in swimming is a set time that allows you to depart on a consistent schedule. The point of intervals is to give you rest so you can maintain your form, recover so you can maintain faster speeds and train your body to swim faster. For example your interval might be 2:00 for 100s freestyle. If you are holding 1:40 for your first 100s in the set you will get 20 seconds rest. If you get slower as you go you will get less and less rest. This is a great way to challenge yourself! If you give yourself a set amount of rest, like 20 secs per 100 there is no motivation to stay at the same speed or get faster and no deterrent to getting slower! Picking an interval before your set gives you something to work towards. Holding a consistent pace throughout a set is a skill in itself, it helps you better know your fitness level.  How much rest you take between repeats depends on the goal of the set and on your fitness level. Usually long rest between sets indicates you should be working hard each repeat. For instance, if you are doing all out 100s (where your heart rate might reach 95% or more of your max) you might take 3 minutes between each one, however, if you are doing an aerobic set (where your heart rate stays between 65-75% of your maximum) you might take only 10 seconds, just enough time to recover a little, maintain your form and stay consistent.


Test Set Example:

10 x 100 Freestyle Rest:20-30 secs between each 100 e.g. use an interval of 2:10 if you start with a 100 that took you 1:40

Goal: go at a speed that you think you can hold for all ten 100s. Your heart rate should be aerobic. If you’re one those folks that have “one speed” go at that speed to get a baseline average speed.


Pace Set Example:

3 x [3 x 100 descend by time 1->3 Rest: 30 secs after each 100]

Take an extra 1 minute rest between sets of 3.

Goal: increase your effort from 70%, to 80%, to 90% on the 100s within each round. When you do your 90% effort experiment with different ways to increase your speed. My suggestion is to try to feel powerful and like you are holding more water rather than increasing your stroke rate. Pace yourself through the fast 100 by feeling easy speed in the first 25-50 yards and put more effort in as you go. Your first 100 at 70% should be about the same time as you can hold for the 10 x 100 test set or a little faster.


Training Set Examples:

Use your baseline time per 100 to set your interval (i.e. baseline time + R:seconds = interval). Try to hold your average speed faster than that baseline time.

Always take time to warm up and work on drills so you are focused on your technique before you start into a main set like this.


Aerobic: keep your heart rate around 65-75% of maximum

Choose an interval with the amount of rest shown as your guideline – roughly 10 secs over your baseline time per 100

400 – R:40

300 – R:30

200 – R:20


As you repeat this set over time try to reduce the amount of rest per 100 you get by setting the interval faster. Try to keep your same average speed as you get less rest but keep the same heart rate level.


Anaerobic: get your heart rate up to 85-90% of maximum

3 x [5 x 100] R:30

Take an extra 1 minute rest between sets of 5.

Set #1 – all five 100s at 70%

Set #2 – all five 100s at 80%

Set #3 – all five 100s at 90%

As you repeat this set over time watch your average times improve for the same % of effort.

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Fly/Breast and Back/Free Stroke Clinics August 15 and 16 at Circle C Swim Center

I have put together some technique specific clinics for kids. This is the perfect time of year to be thinking about technique with school and year round seasons about to start!


I have grouped the strokes together so the skills learned for each stroke complement each other. Both clinics include a handout with pictures illustrating stroke technique. I will break each stroke down into drills and will also work on starts and turns. Each stroke clinic is being offered in two sessions based on age – 8-11yr olds and 12+.


Thursday August 15

Butterfly/Breaststroke Clinic – includes work on open turns

9:00-10:00am 8-11yr olds

10:15-11:15am 12+ yr olds


Friday August 16

Freestyle/Backstroke Clinic – Includes work on flip turns

9:00-10:00am 8-11yr olds

10:15-11:15am 12+ yr olds


Cost: $30 per clinic

Registration limited to the first 10 kids to sign up.

To register email ellioverton at gmail dot com

To register simply email me your child’s name and DOB. I will respond with a liability form to be filled out and returned on the day of the clinic. Please plan to bring cash or check on the day and arrive 10 minutes early to finalize payment with me (not the Swim Center).  I have limited the number to 10 because I want to give the kids individual attention. If interest is high I will run the same clinics again the next week (August 22 and 23).

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Sculling helps your feel for the water

You can check out tips about sculling and feel for the water in my article in the August 2013 edition of Austin Fit Magazine. Look on page 86! Here is part of what you’ll find!

Sculling 101:

  • Your fingertips to your elbow is your paddle when you swim. Use this surface as one, with minimum bend at the wrist.
  • The base sculling position is lying on the surface, face up or down, as you would stand on land, with your neck in line with your spine, not tilted up or down. Break this body position briefly to breathe to the front or side, and then resume the same balanced position.
  • Sculling should be done with no kick so you can really feel how those “paddles” are grabbing and holding the water. You will work more on body balance when you don’t have propulsion out back.
  • Play with sweeping your hands in and out, from in line with your shoulders to out wide of your body, not making a breaststroke motion, just sweeping in and out.
  • Play with the depth of your fingertips and the width of your scull. Fingertips close to the surface to all the way down to pointing them at the bottom. Hands moving not more than two feet apart to moving as wide as they can.
  • Play with your direction. Try sculling on your back and your front, try sculling with your feet facing the direction you are going.
  • Have some fun!
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